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We are purely a distributor of Mutual fund and hence earn our commission as a product distributor. However incidental to our services, we provide add on services like- Financial Planning , Fixed Deposit investments, Insurance advisory and others. However we do not charge any extra fees for any of these incidental services due to our key source of Income as a distributor of Mutual Funds.

As a part of our own philosophy we keep a very transparent and clear disclosure of our earnings for the understanding of our clients:

SL No Mutual Fund Type Commission Method Rate Range Paid from
1 Equity Trail 0.50% to 0.60% Portfolio Expenses charged by the AMC
2 Hybrid Funds Trail 0.40% to 0.50% Portfolio Expenses charged by the AMC
3 Debt Trail 0.20% to 0.30% Portfolio Expenses charged by the AMC
4 Liquid Funds Trail 0.02% to 0.03% Portfolio Expenses charged by the AMC

MUTUAL FUND DISTRIBUTOR ARN : 29570 is an online website of Mr. Manoj Kumar Dixit who is registered vide ARN- 29570 as a AMFI Registered Distributor. The said website is intends to provide educative and informative details related to investments and also provide online transaction facility in Mutual Funds. We do not charge any fees for these calculators and information, because we earn our commissions from the Mutual Fund companies. The website does not guarantee any returns or financial goal success by any means.